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    15,000 Dominoes Triple Spiral

    I had to think carefully about the category that I would choose to post this video in but elected to choose ‘Art’. I’ve never really got Dominoes, after all, you’ll spend days building something which takes seconds to destroy. You’ll have to agree, it’s pretty cool though!

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    Colors In Macro

    Abstract art the equivalent of seeing shapes in clouds is recreated here in a dish. Milk, acrylic colors, soap, oil, and a macro lens let you see anything you want in these roiling colors.

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    Subway Doodles – Doodles On Your iPad Can Be Very Cool

    Some people are so fricken talented. The dude who runs the Subway Doodle Instagram account casually states that he draws on the subway on his iPad. That my friend is some bloody good iPad drawing! If I drew on my iPad it would likely just look like some kind of obscure blob. This on the […]