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    Man Builds Porsche From Scratch Out Of Cardboard

    With a top speed of 10mph (if you pedal very hard) this shiny gold Porsche may not enjoy the usual performance of a supercar. But Austrian Johannes Langeder, 48, is still delighted with his life-sized pedal-powered eco-friendly car, which cost €13,000 (£11,000) to build. This week he took the car out for its first trip […]

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    Tesla Self Driving Mode Is Pretty Cool!

    All new Tesla vehicles come with the hardware to support full-on, hands-off autonomous driving, even though it’s not yet enabled. But a new video from Tesla now shows us exactly what it will it look like once it’s enabled. The automaker released a video showcasing Autopilot’s ability to drive itself around town, responding to stop […]

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    NextEV – NIO EP9 The World Fastest Car Ever

    This could be the world’s fastest electric car: the NIO EP9. So claims the manufacturer, China’s NextEV, which unveiled its new NIO brand of electric cars at a London art gallery today. How fast are we talking about here? NextEV, which also has a Formula E team, says its electric supercar achieved a new lap […]