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    Token – Exception – Is This The Next Eminem?

    Got to give it to Token. Not heard of this guy before but then he turned up on my facebook feed. The thing that impresses me the most is the way he seems to seamlessley link his story telling ability with the way he raps. Certainly worth keeping an eye on this guy thats for […]

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    OK Go – The One Moment (shot in 4.2 seconds)

    This is an amazingly creative music video. OK Go – The One Moment (shot in 4.2 seconds). From the same band that did the ‘treadmill’ video, OK Go has done a great job with The one moment I reckon.

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    Britney Spears – Slumber Party Video

    Britney Spears – Slumber Party ft. Tinashe – Gotta say, I went off Britney when she went through her ‘completely fucking psycho’ phase. She’s starting to look pretty hot again in her latest video though! Perhaps there is a future for Britney after all. 😀 “Glory”, the ninth studio album from Britney Spears, is OUT […]

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    Pussy Riot’s ‘Straight Outta Vagina’ Wants Trump To Remember

    “Don’t play stupid / don’t play dumb / vagina’s where you’re really from!*” These glorious words comprise the powerful (and dangerously catchy) chorus to Pussy Riot’s new song “Straight Outta Vagina.” The danceable number, which features Desi Mo and Leikeli47, is the latest from the Russian punk group, whose members spent nearly two years in […]