All-new BMW 1 Series and M135i 2020 revealed - has BMW ruined its baby?

All-new BMW 1 Series and M135i 2020 revealed – has BMW ruined its baby?

It’s the one you hatchback fans have been waiting for – the all-new BMW 1 Series! With the likes of the A-Class in its sights, BMW are looking to return to the top of the podium when it comes to the small car market. But do they have any chance of grabbing the crown given they’ve made their latest release front wheel drive?! Stick with Mat to find out, and let us know in the comments if you’d still choose the 1 Series over the competition!

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  1. heartless business decisions. Now lets see if this will take off amongst western teenagers and the emerging middle class buyers in developing countries as BMW would hope… honestly though, when you have so many cheap and sporty asian hatchbacks nowadays, what space is left for BMW to compete?

  2. I’ve actually seen it in Person in Black and it actually looks nicer than in this video. It looks bigger than an A3 aswell and you can tell it’s a 1 series. Don’t knock it till you see it in person.

  3. I don't even know what the numbers mean any more on all BMW's…..I thought coupes were even numbers and sedans were odd numbers… they make 4 doors and call them coupes

    the rest of the numbers used to be the size of the engine but not any more. nothing makes any sense any more

  4. Drove the new 1 series yesterday.
    Brilliant car, a real pleasure to drive.
    Build quality is excellent.
    Who cares if it’s front wheel, back wheel side wheel or top wheel drive.
    BMW will sell bucketloads of these.

  5. I think most of people commenting don't own a Bimmer and think that RWD is fun until they don't land on a pole or a tree i think RWD in this car is Safer a lot of accidents happen these days i used to Own the 2014 Series 1and the Trunk space was wacky so i got an X3 X-Drive i never used the fact i had RWD actually i never tried drifting or anything i was actually to scared going to the Alps and going on curvy icy roads.

  6. So the new 1 series resembles the active tourer and they are planing to discontinue the active tourer soon… so essentially they are making a hatchback mpv in 1 … this is the ugliest hatchback currently available.

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