Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Cinematic World Premiere Trailer

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Cinematic World Premiere Trailer

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Cinematic World Premiere Trailer

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  1. I feel like these cinematic trailers don’t reveal very much that everyone didn’t already know. I’m most curious if it’s gonna play like the older AC games. I kinda miss being able to stealth kill the hardest enemies rather than having to battle an entire fortress at once.
    I really hope they’ll tweak the gameplay rather than just put origins/odyssey in a new setting

  2. I wish this time there will be a more variety and higher quality of the side content. Odyssey was fine but for me at least it become very repetitive.

  3. I just love how the big guy pulls a sword that pierced his leg and then behaves like nothing happened.

  4. I hope the combat is better than odyssey, and I really don’t like being level locked in an open world game where enemies become impossible to kill unless you grind away your life.

  5. Wow… They may owe MGM some money here. That was just cherry picked from the first few episodes of Vikings.

  6. Looks unreal this, I’ve not played AC since the first 3, are they still doing the whole man in modern day plugs into a super oculus and ends up in olden times as an ancestor? Or do you just play as a character in those times now?

    Suppose it’s important because I’d like to know if I can play this without having played like the last 5 and not feel like I’ve missed plot?

  7. I just wish there was more assassinating, less brutal fights. It is called Assassin’s Creed after all.

  8. After Odyssey, I have such high hopes for this game. The viking setting has been done to death in gaming. Not vikings exactly, but the visual aesthetic of viking-like culture (I’m thinking of Skyrim, God of War, Hellblade, etc.). But I am fully giving the AC team the benefit of the doubt with this one. I trust they’ll be able to do something unique with it.

  9. I loved odyssey but I hope they make some of the lesser thought of things in that game better, like the recruitment system and stuff like that.

  10. Anyone expecting this to play like older AC games are gonna be disappointed.

    I am more worried about the combat. Attacking people in Odyssey was so lifeless; enemies wouldn’t break animation when hit by a giant, flaming hammer, enemies glowing bright red when initiating a heavy attack, enemies sponging hit after hit of a sword. Broke immersion too often.

  11. Man, does it seem like YouTube compression is getting worse? Anything vaguely dark may as well be 240p.

  12. So the English who defend their our homeland from viking savages, are portrayed as evil and the bad guy.

  13. Can’t wait to invade 2000 copy and pasted enemy encampments, looting 2 chests and killing 1 commander in each

  14. Does anyone else think they may be adding a dismemberment system to the game now? I only ask as the trailer showed some heavy-duty dismemberment. Would be interesting if they took a more gritty approach to the setting.

  15. My prediction: the protagonist viking wasn’t originally a viking. I think he was betrayed by the king in the trailer, his family killed while he was young, and he was rescued at sea by vikings who took him in and raised him. He grew up and became a leader in the vikings and now he seeks to right the wrongs of the king who seeks to tame the vikings through conquest.

    That’s my guess..

  16. This time period didn’t have a lot of big buildings. I wonder how they’re going g to handle the parkour segments?

  17. at first, ass creed was actually an evolution, from altair cannot swim, to become a pirate cruising the sea, to a british mid year modern city. then suddenly… ancient egypt, atlantis then odin…

  18. I’m a real native American, and an arrow in the knee fuckin hurts. My cousin is a dumbass lol

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