Bmw M3 V Audi Rs4 Review &Amp; 0-60Mph, 1/4-Mile, Brake And Drift Comparison!

BMW M3 v Audi RS4 review & 0-60mph, 1/4-mile, brake and drift comparison!

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The greatest group test video in the history of our YouTube channel? It just might be… BMW M3 Competition vs Audi RS4!

Mat’s brought in these two everyday supercars to find out which have if you need some serious power when you’re popping down to the shops!

He’ll cover it all in this video – from exterior design & 0-60 times, through to the back seats and the boot, he’ll find out which of these is the smartest buy in 2021.

Under the bonnet, they’re relatively similar, with the RS4 delivering 450hp from a 2-litre V6, while the M3’s 3-litre straight-six delivers 510hp. But will that extra bit of performance be enough to snatch the win? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:27 Price
01:19 Exterior Design
03:04 Interior
06:09 Boot
06:53 Drivetrain
07:36 Engine
07:59 RS4 0-60mph
08:54 RS4 Driving
11:16 RS4 Drifting
12:45 M3 Drifting
14:02 M3 0-60mph
15:28 M3 Driving
18:09 Verdict


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  1. The reason i loved Audis for so many years is because they performed in any weather and condition. This BMW, like all old-school RWD BMWs is gonna be left for dead at the sight of the slightest rain, let alone snow. The other thing i loved about the RS models was their unassuming nature. They were these wolves in sheep skin. A normal non-car enthusiast person would always take an old RS4 or RS6 for an ordinary A4/A6, where now they just shout at you "RS!" and i hate that. Also as fast as they might get with each generation, there is just no replacement for the pure ecstasy of the manual gearbox.

  2. Man…i don t know how you cab say wow on this the most uglyest car ever.your s like an alfa romeo wtf…ha ha…wtf is wrong with the bmw..this car is more ugly than m3 98 ha ha… that rs4 is gold by this…you can give ten m3..but i ll choose rs4 all day long.go home bmw..on the perfomance is good.but that design is fuckd up.

  3. Could you perhaps arrange a comparison between the G80 M3 and and the E60 M5. I feel the G80 is not far off that car in size and is actually slightly more powerful.

    Would be interesting.

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