BMW M850i review - see why my NEW 8 Series is the ultimate GT car!

BMW M850i review – see why my NEW 8 Series is the ultimate GT car!

It’s time for Mat to swap his daily driver! He’s had his hands on the BMW 840d for the past several weeks, and he’s swapping it for… the M850i! But will the petrol really be that different to the diesel? Join Mat for a final drive in his 850d, and then see what he makes of the M850i as he takes it on a drive through France!


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  1. The more I watch these reviews the more I realise they are meaningless and basically you need to check your own car out for yourself as this review shows he lives in London so 4 wheel drive is meaningless which is evident when you see some of the other reviews dismissing the 4 wheel drive capability of some cars to rate others above others EG: Audi and BMW above Land Rover

  2. I’ve been watching all your videos for a few weeks now and keep discovering all of them which are very interesting and so much fun! While I was watching this video I’ve noticed that you stopped by the Tesla dealership which is very close to my house lool! The world is so small. It would be fun to meet you there haha! Keep going on your work! I enjoy it.

  3. Not sure I’d want to pay and extra 30k just to have the petrol engine in it. Think the diesel version would be the better value for money. Plus how often would you be able to use all that speed and power. 27mpg compared to 43mpg. No thank you, definitely not worth the extra 30k, you can get a lot of fuel for that amount of cash.

  4. You should always use gloves when putting fuel in your car in case the guy that used it before you had his finger up his arse hole, or could of been scratching his nut sack.

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