Diesel Vs Petrol – What You Need To Know | Top 10S

Diesel vs Petrol – what you need to know | Top 10s

Petrol and diesel cars still make up the majority of UK car sales, despite gradually increasing electric car sales in the UK. To help you make the decision between petrol and diesel, I’ve outlined the costs and benefits of each fuel type in my complete video guide.

I compare two Renault Kadjars, one petrol, one diesel, to help analyse the issues involved:

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  1. You forgot to mention that the Diesel's greater weight makes for less agile handling and marginally longer braking distances.
    Also because of the narrow available Rev range a diesel should generally only be considered in conjunction with an auto box.

  2. I'm seeing constantly ugly smoke from old and new diesels even from the top brands. It's noisy, stinky, more harmful to environment, simply a disgusting technology comparing to petrol. Okay, trucks and buses must be diesel, but what I see that it's somehow manageable to reduce the emission/fume (now I just mean what you see and smell) with the heavy vehicles. Once I was at a railway crossing and a diesel locomotive went past and it had almost zero smoke but the much younger mercedes in front of me had unbearable fume. Really really annoying…

  3. My last 2 cars were diesel & both suffered with blocked dpf's, not cheap at 800 quid each time for parts alone, what a ridiculous design flaw.
    So with little motorway driving i'll be going for petrols from now on.

  4. My car is powered by Lucifer. The amount of soul power(sp) that it has is not even countable and gets higher every single day. 😀 No other car maker can do that XD Soul Power rolls… : )

  5. My Dacia diesel has downshift indicator. How it works is when your engine start struggling the WHOLE FUCKING DASHBOARD STARTS VIBRATING aka time to downshift do you have that in your low torque petrol car I would say no
    Another perk for diesel cars

  6. I don’t really understand why still people buying Diesel engines? So they: 1.cost more; 2.produce less power. 3.emits more harmful gas and people still buy them???

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