Doctor Who Classic Review #3 The TV Movie/The Enemy Within

The malfunctioning TARDIS lands in San Francisco as The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) who was tasked with taking The Master’s remains by to Gallifrey is shot by Chinese Gang Members, however said remains weren’t remains at all, but some life essence goop thingy that takes over Ambulance Driver who brought The Doctor to a Hospital.(Eric Roberts, Be afraid especially is you’re part of the scenery!)Now having just regenerated hours after dying on the operating table The Doctor,(Paul McGann) and Grace Hollaway, (Daphne Ashbrook)The Cardiologist who operated on him (Who doesn’t even get mentioned in The Night Of The Doctor) must race against time to stop The Master, and Lee, the kid he duped from taking The Doctor’s lives. Can The Doctor save the day, and can Nash keep The Nerd Rage under control?

Fin out in…

The Enemy Within Staring Paul McGann


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