Honda CR-V SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

Honda CR-V SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

This is the Honda CR-V! The fifth generation CR-V rolls in bigger than any previous edition, and it’s here to take on the likes of the Peugeot 5008 and Skoda Kodiaq. But when it comes to 7-seater SUVs in 2019, how does the CR-V rank against the competition? Join Mat as he takes you on a tour of the front, middle and rear rows of Honda’s new SUV!

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  1. You didn't say nothing about the CVT gearbox making the engine sound harsh.
    First of all I'll let you know my Honda fan and and won't let a lot of people Slater them but however I will tell you a little story.
    I went to my local Honda dealership with my dad to see the new CRV do a review on it.
    If a child's hand was in the tailgate when it shut down it would not stop it could break your arm.
    Second thing was the the cheap imitation wood what was in the car car it was shockingly cheap quality. He drove the 1.5 180bhp turbo car that was a good engine it was very harsh especially with the CVT gearbox.
    I'm a Honda fan and I really wanted to like this car and I do but they need to improve on quality and the CVT gearbox needs more work doing to it.
    Reason why you can't raise the platform at the back to turn it into a 5-seater mode is because you are trying to rush trying to make the car look bad

  2. Too many oversights and practicality does fall short compared to the CX-5, the Sportage, RAV4 or even the Tiguan. My pick would be the Tiguan for the Canadian market since it offers panoramic sunroof and the 3-piece folding rear seat at the same time.

  3. I think matt watson was complaining a lot. even i consider him as a wet blanket. i have a crv and i don't have any trouble so i don't have to kick my travelling bag just like him. thumb down for him

  4. It's a bad and biased review. So much cringe, watching him find miniscule details which don't even matter. I have the same car and i never struggle to remove the false flooring, to avoid a ridge in the boot while have 2 seats folded – he just struggled endlessly with that. If I was the director, then i would deduct 50 quids for poor acting :):)

  5. Need a SUV so went and test drove the CRV. Underpowered engine paired with a sluggish CVT gearbox. Honda, do yourself a favour and just go hybrid or full EV already! Questionable decisions by Honda like replacing a blind spot monitor with a stupid camera? As an owner of 3 Honda cars, I've always loved the brand but now extremely disappointed.

  6. first time seeing your review.. guess its a British thing if not a EU car it is rubbish right? I though only poms in australia has that personality…sheeeshhhh

  7. I went to market comparing Karoq, CX-5, CRV and Tucson and settled on the CRV. As a taller guy (6'3") I found the drive position in the CRV the most satisfying. I didn't have to lower the seat all the way down and can really enjoy the high ride position. 5 seat model has fantastic legroom in second row. I can actually sit another 6ft passenger behind me without them being crippled! The drive and handling of this car is just beautiful though, and that was the clencher for me. And don't be put off by the noisy engine review. It is a bit noisy under acceleration when it is brand new, sort of like a light weight diesel (odd sound for petrol engine). But after the first service, whether Honda reprogrammed it or something, it's much much quieter. I do run it on 98 fuel too which might influence it. Motorway driving it's returning 5.7l/100km letting the cruise control do the work, which is a better score than the advertised consumption by more than a litre. City rush hour stop/start driving is averaging around 8.4/100km. Overall I'm loving this car, very happy with the choice.

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