Horizon Zero Dawn coming to Steam this Summer

Horizon Zero Dawn coming to Steam this Summer

Horizon Zero Dawn coming to Steam this Summer

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  1. This is one of my favorite modern games. The Sci-Fi story is epic for me and reminds me of Orson Scott Card’s Homecoming series. It already looked amazing on Ps4 pro but can’t wait to see what it will look like in Ultrawide

  2. I would love a sequel. I can see this being a huge franchise. I mean, they went in on the lore in this game…literally Fallout/Mass Effect levels of lore all around just waiting to be found. And the side missions were oddly enjoyable. Like…not run of the mill fetch quests, but rather individual little storylines that give you insight on how some of the world came to be the way it is.

    Easily one of the best games of the decade, and probably of all time as well.

  3. I bought this game on sale for like $5 for PS4 Pro but I only played it for a few hours. I’ll wait before finishing it to see how much better it will look and run on PC if it’s a big improvement I’ll be glad to buy it again for even more money. The few hours I spent with it was great.

  4. I’ve been laughed at by some deragotory apple militant for even repeating the rumor, much less stating i hope its true in january.

  5. Any info on pc graphical improvements? Really enjoyed this on my pro, but my pc monitor is not hdr so interested in what other shiny things they will throw at me in this version

  6. Holy shit. This is HUGE.

    Sony might be changing their strategy, releasing more games on PC. Truly a time to be a gamer

  7. Dumb question but… anyone knows which summer are they talking about? American summer, european? Because its already summer where I live :c

  8. I couldn’t finish it on console because of motion blur cranked to 200% and unstable framerate. Definitely will try it again on PC

  9. Now all we need is modding support…you know…for clothing and _other_ things that aren’t removed…

  10. Great Game. It would be interesting to see if mods are possible – this game was great, but felt a bit empty (lots of places in the world that looked like they *should* have something to do, but were just dead ends). lots of room for mods.

  11. Hey! Is this that game that everyone acted like was one of the best of all time then never spoke about again after being out for 3 weeks?

  12. Loveee the lore and feel of the world. But damn I wish it had better VO/Mocap, some of the models look robotic and the script didn’t help.

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