Lightmatter – Steam Announcement Trailer

Lightmatter – Steam Announcement Trailer

Lightmatter – Steam Announcement Trailer

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  1. IDK how you got the Hitman himself to be involved but so glad you did. He just sounds like a nerdy professor assassin to me in this trailer XD

  2. Had this on my wishlist for what feels like years! Glad it’s finally coming out. Good luck with the launch!!!

  3. No disrespected to David Bateson, but seeing his name on the Trailer made think of how awesome it would have been to have David Tennant instead. Mainly because this reminds me of one of my favorite Doctor Who Episodes.
    Edit: To clarify. Voice over in trailer is doing a good job.

  4. Looks really interesting. Though I kind of need a change in environment every now and theh, as long as I don’t need to manage batteries for a flashlight I’m happy.

  5. Looks great–it reminds me of Portal and Portal 2, which I mean as a huge compliment. Looks like no Switch version has been announced? That’s too bad, but maybe this is a game that’d play better with keyboard and mouse, anyway.

  6. Are there any plans for release on other platforms? The trailer has me really excited but I don’t have a PC that can really run games

  7. The trailer reminded me of several great puzzlers: Talos Principle, Portal, Antichamber and Q.U.B.E. Glad to see in comments that you’re also the fan of these games, as I trust you know already what works and what doesn’t in the genre.

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