Mazda 3 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

Mazda 3 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

This is the all-new Mazda 3! Rolling in with a sleek exterior and a high-quality interior, on the face of it the new Mazda 3 may have what it takes to tempt you away from premium hatchbacks like the BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class! But is it the same story when you dig a little deeper and test out what it’s like to drive, along with how practical it is? Join Mat for his latest review to find out!


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  1. Hey guys – Don't worry, we'll be renaming 'Geek Mode' and Mat will stop doing the silly voice from now on (although we still have one more video lined up which will include it). He insisted that he keeps the lab coat, though, so that might make a return!

  2. Did you know, that the only new Mazda car you can buy without "privacy" glass is the MX-5. So I won't be buying a Mazda. And we could have done without the footage of a cat having a crap – get a grip, Matt!

  3. Hello everyone, I recently aquired a mazda 3 skyactiv X sedan as company car. If you're interested in a short ownership review, keep reading.

    My previous one was a 2016 audi A4 saloon s-tronic 2.0 TDI with 136 hp. Now the reason for this "downgrade" is because the a4 was always out of my current budget, I was just lucky enough to have it available in the car park of our company.

    Why mazda 3 over bmw 2 gc/ audi A3/ mercedes A class/ golf:
    Basically I really liked the interiour of the audi and the mazda 3 reminded me of that in a lot of ways (swivel wheel, volume knob, airco buttons etc). The second big reason was the price. For me to spec the above listed brands in the way I wanted (more than basic engine horsepower, pref automatic, petrol, adaptive cruise control, android auto) the price would quickly reach 40k in the Belgium market. Which meant I would either have to sacrifice options or look elsewhere, so I did and found the mazda 3 sedan. I specced the mazda with a skyactiv x engine, full option pack with some stupid extras like logo projection on the ground, illuminated door sills (which I highly recommend, they look really good at night!) and illuminated foot wells at night in white led, which look a bit meh. All this came at around 30k after dealer discount which was a steal in comparison with the german c-class brands!

    I bought the manual because of the lower CO² emission which is annoyingly very important when buying a new company car and until now I have no regret, after 3 years of driving an automatic and jumping into the mazda's manual, it felt like I was never driving anything else but manuals, it's so easy, so precise and smooth, you have to experience it to believe it. That being said I test drove the automatic, and unlike what was said here, the automatic of mazda is actually quite good, it felt at least as decent as the audi's dual clutch but the lack of gears means it will make more noise if you step on it.

  4. Mat, you're absolutely brilliant! My top reviewer in all youtube.
    Would you consider making a review do Mazda CX-30?
    Being top scorer at Euroncap, winning best RED DOT design prize, skyactive X engine, AWD, and family-driven, looks like an interesting review to fill…

  5. A cat taking a shit ummm no it's a good thing you wearing glasses because you're eyes are definitely not working properly lol the look of the new Mazda 3 is just stunning

  6. My 92 hatchback 323 two door from Mazda is still a turn head. I still crave for a 92 Astina hatchback. They have something that stays forever. The first Japanese car to ever hit WRC in 85 before Subiz and Evoz was the 323 GTX. They've been great cars so far like the Miata , RX 7, Mazda 929 and more.

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