Natsume announces new Harvest Moon game called "Harvest Moon: ONE WORLD"

Natsume announces new Harvest Moon game called “Harvest Moon: ONE WORLD”

Natsume announces new Harvest Moon game called “Harvest Moon: ONE WORLD”

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  1. Obligingly mention that this is not the Harvest Moon series that we grew up with. The real games are called Story of Seasons now.

  2. I wish we’d get an actual good Harvest Moon again. Could fit in right besides Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley.
    But the latest releases looked like shit mobile ports at best

  3. I’m stoked to see how they fuck this up, or if they’ve learned aaaaanything from the last 6 or so years.

  4. So… Not really Harvest Moon, but I’ll give them a chance to see how the reviews look after releasing.

    That being said, Stardew Valley is currently the sitting king, how do the Story of Seasons games stack up to Stardew?

  5. The next real HM game in the series is actually “Story of seasons – friends of mineral town” which is coming out for the switch sometime this summer. It’s pretty much a remake of the highly touted fomt and I’ve played the Japanese version.

    As far as this new hm one world… I hope Natsume makes something good. Their last few titles have been terrible games tbh..

    They probably won’t make anything us HM fans like tho because we fell in love with the old HM this is pretty much a whole new farming title with the HM name.

  6. Given their last 5 harvest moon releases I think we can safely say it’ll be a lazy cash grab that makes The Pokémon Company look innovative

  7. I want this to be an actual game, so sick of them charging 40-60 bucks for what’s essentially mobile games. Lost Valley, Skytree Village, and Light of Hope are literally the same with different graphics and it’s just kinda sad how Harvest Moon as a title has fallen.

    Story of Season games are very good and those are examples of what Harvest Moon games are to me.

  8. I can’t imagine this game doing anything that Stardew Valley hasn’t already done better. They took the formula and excelled. We’ll see.

  9. this prolly won’t be good, since the last time natsume developed a harvest moon game on their own, it was kinda trash… if ya people really want a good farming game experience then I strongly recommend stardew valley (I’m pretty sure if you’re interested in this type of games then you’d know about it any way, but for those who don’t know or haven’t tried it yet…)

  10. To be honest, after playing stardew valley and now being able to play it in mobile phone, with witchbrook on the way . Harvest moon has zero appeal now. They just dont make them special or anything.

  11. One World… Order?

    I can see it now; you’re forced to grow crops for slaves while you try to raise and protect your family from an AI dictatorship

  12. Not enough people in here talking about Rune Factory 4, arguably the best game in the genre by a long shot.

    It’s everything harvest moon is but way more. Published by the same company that now publishes story of seasons.

    Take harvest moon and throw an amazing RPG on top of it and you got rune factory 4.

  13. Wow, the comment “…None of the Natsume developed Harvest Moons have been great, though Skytree was pretty good…” obviously never played Wonderful Life, IMO the best entry in the franchise

  14. Dude when is Natsume goong to make Afrika 2!? I’ve been waiting since the first game launched in like 2007!

  15. I have an SNES game it is really rare and was my favorite game growing up. I’d sell it to someone and donate the money to an unemployed person due to covid-19 aka me.

  16. It’s a Wonderful Life was probably the most comfy and relaxing game I’ve ever played in my life.

  17. Look at the sheer quality oozing off the logo – you can really tell this game is going to be just as good as the last bunch of shitty HM games by the way it screams ‘intern knocked this up in their lunch break’.

  18. I really liked that he met up with the creator of Stardew so they could fawn over each other; I really hope they bring him in as a consult

  19. Sadly, it’s not “new”. Just another spinoff series from one of the worst companies.We need a real NEW Harvest Moon for the Nintendo Switch!

  20. Damn…the hate lol I really enjoyed some harvest moon when I was younger

    I like stardew valley now too

  21. I’m very much looking forward to this, because I actually enjoyed Light of Hope and completed the game. It seems it will be much higher effort than LOH (though that wouldn’t take much additions tbh to surpass it.) Yes LOH had a terrible art direction and was entirely simplistic, but I think that’s why I liked it so much. It was much easier to pick up daily to get my farming fix without the difficulty of stardew, which I adore but often avoid because I find it needing high focus and management. So LOH for me felt like an easy mode stardew. (It probably also helped that I picked up the game on clearence, and it was also the special edition with the barn shaped box and extras, so paying way less my expectations didnt have to be as high. I understand people’s disappointment with it.) I’ll be highly anticipating this next game and will have hope for it.

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