New Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV 2020 - everything you need to know...

New Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV 2020 – everything you need to know…

Land Rover has performed a major update of the Discovery Sport to keep it competitive against not only the BMW X3 and Audi Q3 but cheaper seven-seat SUVs like the Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento. The new Land Rover Discovery Sport gets a refreshed design on the outside so it looks more like the bigger Discovery while inside there’s the latest technology Jaguar Land Rover has to offer. So watch this video to get up to speed on this heavily updated seven-seat SUV.



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  1. Anyone looking into buying Discovery Sports?

    Please be aware of the build quality of this as I learned the hard way…

    I bought approved used Discovery Sports HSE LUX and was disappointed with the build quality of my car as it has many issues but the biggest of all is the rust (as this also known as car CANCER).

    In my childhood I have lost a bike to this (rust) and was painful, now looks like my dream car Discover sports will be lost to this too…

    The list is huge, but the highlights are as below: –

    1. Engine Oil dilution after 4 months of the purchase of my car.

    2. Real MPG of the car is 50% less than the claim by land rover.

    3. Radio reception is so poor that looks like they forgot to connect the antenna.

    4. The suspension feels like non-existing with 20” wheels fitted by land rover.

    5. Rubber seals around the doors have gaps in them.

    6. Visible black paintwork coming off the exhaust system.

    7. Poor pant used on the wheels as the flakes are coming off there too.

    8. AdBlue does not last the service intervals.

    Thanks to the extremely poor materials used for this car so far, the heat shield has fallen off the bottom of my car luckily no one was behind us so no injuries in this incident but it’s extremely dangerous for the other road users driving behind land rovers as you never know what may fall off.

    I have been to land rover garage but none of the above is covered under warranty!

    So be aware of the issues before you buy this car. I am in the process of creating a video showing all the known flaws in my discovery sports which may be relevant to other cars.

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