New Mercedes-AMG A45 & CLA45 2020 - see why they will destroy the RS3 & M2!

New Mercedes-AMG A45 & CLA45 2020 – see why they will destroy the RS3 & M2!

Introducing two of the hottest cars of 2019 – the new Mercedes-AMG A45 & CLA45! Delivering 420hp through a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo, both the A45 & CLA45 promise a 0 – 60 time below 4 seconds and a top speed of 170mph! So do they blow both the RS3 & M2 out of the water, and will we see a hotter car released in 2019? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Well, but Audi has the ABT preparation, in which you can conserve your official guarantee
    , and that, i think you can defeat this one. It¬īs one extra in your offical Audi? Could be

  2. Carwow are biased as they ran a pre WLTP RS3 in an older shootout and that stock car destroyed everything, probably an A45s as well if it was available at the time. Top gear also found stock RS3 3mph quicker than A45s over 1/4 mile. The Audi engines are underrated at 394bhp. Guess Carwow are just trying to shift Mercs. I have a 2018 pre WLTP RS3 running stage 1+ and there's no way on this earth an A45s is getting anywhere near that without seriously beefed up internals, water injection etc. and it wouldn't go 12000 miles between services like mine does. 5 pot reigns supreme. Nice try Mercedes ūüėČ

  3. No thx Benz. Video game tablet dash??? :/ What was Benz thinking. All their interiors are hideous and ugly now. The video game dash is just another huge bucket of problems to go wrong.

  4. The perfect grandpa's car: fake drift mode, turbo badges, speakered engine noise (for the baby that used to make wroom wroom 70 years ago at cars passing by), shiny wheel and shiny plastics, reflections everywhere including the instruments cluster without lid. And a supertuned 2.0L engine that would last a trifle under load, poor brakes. Besides the gearbox is still lagged like the old one, torque/pull drop in-between gear changes, VW has been doing this right from 2003.

    I'd prefer an Audi diesel than this monostrosity…I'd be terribly ashamed and worrying for my reputation driving one.

  5. compare it to the RS3 when the 2020 model launches.. by saying it can finally beat an RS3 but needs to compare it to an older RS3 model is kind of sad. Only a proper review can be done when both 2020 models are out. RS3 still wins hands down every time in engine noise though. hate the 4 banger sound.

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