Paper Mario: The Origami King comes to Nintendo Switch on July 17

Paper Mario: The Origami King comes to Nintendo Switch on July 17

Paper Mario: The Origami King comes to Nintendo Switch on July 17

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  1. Bold move of Nintendo to stealth drop this announcement the same day we find out Smash Ultimate won’t be at EVO 2020 and the same day Ghost Of Tsushima gameplay debuts. Still though, I am mega hyped for Paper Mario. Looking forward to playing it day one.

    edit: found an unlisted video uploaded May 11 that showcases the combat briefly –

    breakdown of “partners”:

  2. Awesome! My wife and I just finished replying Paper Mario on our N64 so an updated game should be great. Really looking forward to it

  3. I’m cautiously excited about this.

    It looks amazing, but without more information it’s hard to say if the series is going back to its roots or if they’re still trying to railroad us with sticker star type garbage.

  4. All I want from Paper Mario is companion characters. They were the best part of 1 & 2 in my opinion. It looks like Mario is flying solo again for most of this one

  5. Please please please be good… I don’t think I can deal with another Paper Mario that makes me use cards…

  6. Wow! Very happy to see. Was hoping the beginning was 1000 year door remake ….

    Still afraid how this will turn out, since there hasn’t been a good Paper Mario since TTYD.

  7. Not gonna lie. Not really feeling the graphics. I get that it looks like actual origami but I’m not a huge fan of it. The all drawn style is just more aesthetically appealing. It’s a weird mix of the 2, in a funky looking 3Dish world, with some weird not quite paperish textures. Hopefully the gameplay changes makes up for it.

  8. Honestly i’ve always wanted a game again where Mario and Bowser work together agian, i have always loved the consept… and it just so happens the game comes out the day after my birthday

  9. Thousand year door is/was one of my all time favorite games ever, never played the wii paper mario tho, this announcement intrigues me

  10. Last night as I was playing smash ultimate, I thought to myself,” it would be awesome if they adapted paper Mario to switch”. Next day, they announce paper Mario on switch, holy shit what a great game! Can’t wait!

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