Tesla Self Driving Mode Is Pretty Cool!

All new Tesla vehicles come with the hardware to support full-on, hands-off autonomous driving, even though it’s not yet enabled. But a new video from Tesla now shows us exactly what it will it look like once it’s enabled.

The automaker released a video showcasing Autopilot’s ability to drive itself around town, responding to stop signs and other traffic, making turns and cruising down the road. The original video was sped up, but Electrek drew our attention to a Tesla fan that produced a video that more closely represents real time.

From the Electrek website:

Yesterday, Tesla released two very interesting videos of the latest version of its self-driving technology on the new Autopilot 2.0 hardware. While they are fascinating to watch, they were both sped up. I think it’s worth revisiting the test with the video slowed down to real-time in order to really appreciate the level of autonomy Tesla achieved so far.The first thing you will notice with the video below at approximate real-time speed is that the system hesitates on a few occasions.It certainly doesn’t look like an experienced comfortable driver, but it does look like a capable licensed driver, which is an accomplishment on its own.

Check out the electek Video below. Not so0 fast but still pretty cool I recon!

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