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Tree Fiddy

Loch Ness Monster begging for $3.50 Doesn’t Get Much Funnier Than This!

So I have a really huge appreciation for South Park and this has to be my most favorite sketch ever!.

3 or Tree Fiddy. I’m not sure how you’d write it but gosh! This scene makes me Laugh Out Loud!

Tree Fiddy What?

The whole Tree Fiddy thing is an on-going joke from South Park. In an episode where Chef’s parents are featured his father keeps telling stories about the God Dammed Loch Ness Monster asking for tree fiddy.

The stores are featured on more than one episode if I’m not mistaken. As with most funny things the Internet adapted it and uses it for jokes as well.

In the context of forums and imageboard sites, the phrase Tree Fiddy (or 3 Fiddy) serves as the anti-climactic punchline in bait-and-switch stories that abruptly end with Loch Ness Monster begging for $3.50.

Another notable mention is Youtuber DaManwThePlan who I think covers this scene off amazingly!

Love a good Tree Fiddy!? Have any further thoughts? Let us know in our comments! 🙂

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