Volkswagen e-Golf 2020 review - is this now the best value electric car?

Volkswagen e-Golf 2020 review – is this now the best value electric car?

The world-famous VW Golf has gone electric! It’s almost identical to the regular Mk7 Golf, and it’s brought the same interior fittings and features… But it’s only got a range of less than 150 miles! With such low mileage compared to the competition, does the e-Golf have what it takes to go head-to-head with more established family EVs? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!

Watch Mat’s in-depth review of the normal VW Golf –


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  1. We use to drive a vw e-golf but we sold it and now we have a 7 seater vw mpv becuse we are a family of 7 but we might sell the vw now we have a BMW x7 and a BMW x5 . I no you won't listen to this anyway matt . But i still love your videos

  2. lol i owened 1993 jetta mk2 and then mk5 and mom owned mk6
    lol all garbage, using cheap wires
    be aware that strut spring break

    i test drove VW adaptive cruis contron and it does not even come no were clost hondas lane assist and adaptive cruis control.

    I 4 one would not ever get a VW, do ur reseach before u invest ur hard earned money as bc its all cheap materials it drops its resale value much higher percentage than honda

  3. 25,000 pounds bad for a brand new one? I got a deal at a dealership idk if should or not, btw i dont get any rebates from the government i live in norway they have started cutting all benefits from buying electric since everyone buys electric now (mostly teslas)

  4. Why is nobody testing these electric cars how they handle with 4 persons inside and/or full boot, like when you travel with the family, +300kg battery, and see the efficiency as well.

  5. The question who is crazy: you or Volkswagen, can be answered easily: you. Absolutely you. What is it with you and power in an electric car? No sports mode? Terrible. Be happy with the range it can drive and try to improve it instead of shortening the battery by giving full throttle. Stopped watching immediately after your remark about the missing sports mode. Don't want to get annoyed anymore.

  6. Oppenheimer buying himself ? Tesla is a subvention case not a dangerous company now already with a market capatilzation like VW AG selling 10 mio. cars/a also more than tesla build in USA and tesla was not in top 5 full electric cars sold in germany at november still 98% no e-cars in world 99% with -34% e-cars in china and if all buying e-cars too less lithium & cobalt production same fuel cell too less platin and palladium all no problem with CNG also booming.

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