I will most likely look to launch another community based website in the future but the news focus won’t be playing a big part in any new site and it most certainly won’t be built on the vbulletin forum platform.

In July 2016 I wrote the above post over on our old website, newsgab.com. 4 months later, here we are!

Ladgab.com has been running quietly in beta mode for the past few months and with the awesome help of some of our mods from Newsgab.com (Morpheus, C2S and TJ) . We’ve been testing and tweaking the site format and posting some great content for our visitors to enjoy.

Today I’m formally launching Ladgab and we’ll be pointing the Newsgab.com domain to our new home.

Here are some quick answers to some of your questions?

Who’s behind Ladgab.com?

That’ll be me, ‘Chief’, the same bloke who launched Newsgab.com over ten years ago. We also have a few of our great newsgab moderators helping to keep our new home a safe and enjoyable home for everyone.

I had a Newsgab Account. Do I have to register a new one?

Yes, you do. If you were one of the 90,000 people who registered an account at newsgab then I’m afraid you will need to re-register. You won’t need to register an account to view our content, however, if you want to comment, participate in our groups or post content, you’ll need an account which you can register here.

Where are the forums

Short answer, we don’t have one. Instead, our site is based around user groups. You can find the current groups here. As our website grows, we’ll continue to add additional groups to match the interests of our member base.

So where do I post pics?

You can share pics, videos, music or whole stories by using our Front End Submission page. You can access this from the ‘Create’ button at the top of the page. Instead of your posts being displayed as a forum thread, you’ll get enjoy your work as a beautifully crafted web page on our new website.

I posted a pic, where is it?

We’re keen to ensure that as a new website we post the types of stuff our members want to see. As a new poster, your first post or posts will be reviewed and approved. You’ll be able to view the status of your submissions within your user dashboard. Once we know you’ve got the hang of it, your posts will appear live on Ladgab without further moderation. We’ll look to approve new posts as quickly as we can.

What other stuff can I post?

We have a load of post categories which you can select from when making a new post. From Animals, Babes, Politics and Technology, we’ve got you covered. The Post Categories can also be viewed and selected under the post categories section on each of our main web pages.

Do you have any rules?

We do, though as a whole we just ask you use your common sense when posting and be courteous to our the other members of our community. When you post content, we ask that you do so in line with our posting conditions which you can view here.

What Next?

I think that’s pretty much all there is for me to share with you for now. Click Here to register your ladgab account. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of our new community.

All the best

Chief! 🙂